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Even if the virtual world is the privileged place of our action, you can also meet us in the "real" world as organizers of conferences, promotional and cultural events.

We are passionate about our country and Europe, passionate about the dialogue between cultures and different mentalities.

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The opening hours of shops are set by their owners (it may be the best idea to check with a particular one), but they are usually the following:

Grocery stores, from 6:00 (7:00) to 18.00 (19.00), sometimes longer (some stores are also open on Sundays).

Other stores may open at a later hour, such as 11:00.

  • Supermarkets (usually located on the outskirts of major cities) - usually from 9:00 to 22:00 at the minimum, open 7/7.

    Payment in Poland is generally done in cash (PLN) and/or debit cards. There are still certain cash-only services (marketplaces, most taxis). In places like supermarkets, hotels, or filling stations, you can, as a rule, use payment cards, and there may also be option for PayPass payment with smaller amounts.
    Suburban and urban transport

    Public transport in Poland
  • Urban buses - note a separate operator for each city,
  • Suburban buses (PKS) - circulate through out the country,
  • Trams: in major cities,
  • Subway: in Warsaw
  • Fast city rail (over ground): in Warsaw, Katowice, and Gdansk metropolitan areas

Buses,trams and subway trains run from early morning until 23:00 approximately. In major cities there are also night buses. Tickets are available at kiosks ("Ruch"), in some convenience stores, and at subway stations. In some cities, there are ticket machines. Some operators also use online payment systems. The same tickets are used in city buses, trams, and subway, but the operator varies by city. This means, for example that, in a Warsaw tram, you can not use a ticket bought in Krakow. Tickets can be: single, twenty-four hours, three days, weekly and monthly.

Depending on different cities - tickets can be unique or temporary. A single ticket is valid for a single trip - regardless of its length. In the case of change - you must punch a new ticket, unless it is a ticket twenty-four hours, three days, weekly or monthly (such tickets are used, for example, in Warsaw). A temporary ticket is valid for a limited period (for 10 or 30 minutes) during which it is possible to change (such tickets are used, for example in Lodz and Poznan). The suburban bus tickets (PKS) are available from the driver or at the counter at the bus station. In suburban areas and in some cities there are private buses and minibuses, in which the trip is paid at the driRailways

The network of Polish railways is well developed. In Poland there are four types of trains that may be called countrywide (e-IC, TLK, IR, RE), and a variety of local operators. The most comfortable and the fastest trains are Express (RE) and Intercity (e-IC). These trains connect the biggest Polish cities and usually stop two or three times before the final train station. Train tickets are sold over the counter at the station or in travel agencies. Note that ticket from different operators may not be interchangeable. It is also possible to buy a ticket from conductors, who are typically seated in the first car.

Airports in Poland

The biggest international airport in Poland is in Warsaw called Okecie. The service of the Polish airline (LOT) and service for tourists at airports are consistent with international standards. All airports have a good connection with the city center.

List of airports in Poland with their official websites:

To and from the airport:

  • Gdansk: Bus lines: B to the city center, 110 line to Gdansk Wrzeszcz station and line 510 for the city of Gdynia.
  • Katowice Bus: lines 85 and 53 (direction: Bytom) line 17; (direction: Mierzecice),“Linia lotnisko” special bus line.
  • Krakow: train from the airport to the central train station in Krakow "Krakow Glowny" bus lines 192, 208 and night line: 602
  • Łódź: bus lines 55, 65. 
  • Poznan bus lines: 59, 48, 242, L (airport -"main train station" - Dworzec Glowny).
  • Wroclaw: rapid bus line 406 from the airport to the central railway station
  • Warsaw: 75 and 188, night line N32

LOT Polish Airlines www.lot.pl