University of Łódź

The University of Łódź takes pride in the first School of Polish for Foreigners in Poland which has been in operation since 1952. Studies at this School give you the ability to master the spoken and written use of the language essential for all important situations. You will have the knowledge and skills to follow and take an active part in everydayc onversations both in private and job-related contexts, as well asy ou will be able to understand complex texts and express written opinions on a wide range of topics. During your stay here, you have the opportunity of becoming familiar with Polish culture, traditions, and the life of the inhabitants of Poland.


Types of offered courses

1. The 9 - month preparatory courses to study in Polish, including Polish language and subjects (only participants of the 9-month preparatory course receive a student ID). Tuition: 3,000€ ( 2,800€ + 200€ non-refundable deposit ). Students who completed the preparatory courses are accepted at all Polish universities.

2. 2-semester of the Polish language course (300 hours per semester): 2,200€ (2,000€ + 200€ non-refundable deposit).

3. 5-month intensive course of Polish (450 hours of Polish language): 1,700€ ( 1,500€ + 200€non-refundable deposit ).

4. 1-month summer Polish language course in August (about 100 hours of Polish language + 20 hours of sightseeing: 480€ (450€ + 30€ non-refundable deposit ).

5. Polish language course for foreigners-employees of the University of Lodz (unenrolled students): 200€.


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