Studies in French:

17. Master 2 in French law: School of French Law at the Faculty of Lawand Administration. The program is conducted in partnership with theUniversity of Tours. Tuition: 1300 €/year for all candidates.

18. Master 1 in French law (SPF): School of French Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration. This program is conducted in partnership with the University of Tours. Tuition: 1,000 €/year, single amount forall candidates.

19. French-Polish Program of Business Administration (MBA): Faculty of International and Political Studies. This program is conducted in partnership with the University Jean Moulin Lyon III. Duration: 3 semesters. During the training the students have 12 weeks of internship. Tuition: 7,500 PLN (about 1758€) for Polish and European citizens and 7,500 PLN + 200 registration fee for citizens of other countries.

Erasmus Exchanges: The University of Łódź has participated in the Erasmus Programme since 1998. During this period UŁ has signed 603 bilateral agreements with 339 major European higher education institutions. University sends annually 800 students and researchers. In the national statistics concerning the Erasmus Programme, the University of Łódź holds first place in the exchange of researchers and academic teachers and 5th place in the exchange ofstudents.

Studies in Polish:

Accounting, Administration, Analysis and Management in Business, Archeology, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cosmetic Chemistry, Economics, Economic Analysis, Econometrics, European Studies, Ethnology, Finances, Forestry, Genetics, Geography, Geo-information, Geo-monitoring, History, History of Fine Art, Human Resources Management, Information Science, International Cultural Studies, International Economics, International Economic Relations, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Librarian Studies, Logistics, Mathematics, Microbiology, Pedagogy, Philology (Polish, French, English, Russian,and German), Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Protection of Environment, Psychology, Public Management, Recreation, Regional Studies, Saving Space Planning, Social Communication, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Studies of Culture, Studies of Regional Cultures, Studies of Western Culture, Tax Law, Tourism and Recreation.


Economics and Sociology, Biology and Environment Protection, Chemistry, Philology, Philosophy and History, Physics and Applied Computer Science, Mathematics and Computing, Geographical Sciences, Education, Law and Administration, International and Political Studies, Management, Forestry (
Permanent establishment in Tomaszów Mazowiecki).


Tobe eligible - the candidate must find his/her dissertation supervisor, submit the research project to the Scientific Committee of PhD studies. Doctoral degrees can be achieved under joint supervision. Since April 2010, the University of Łódź has cooperated with the University of Paris 13 for doctoral studies in French Philology. The PhD studies typically do not exceed 4 years. Doctoral studies are carried out in each faculty of the University.Complete information:


International Office

University of Łódź

ul. Narutowicza 65,

90-131 Łódź, Poland


+ 48 42 635 47 90 + 48 42 635 42 37


+ 48 42 635 47 89


Legal Status: Public school

Students: 45 000

Foreign students: 660

Teachers: 2370 including 623 reaserch directors.

Diplomas: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

Disciplines taught: 60


The Université of Łódź has signed 603 agreements under  the The Erasmus Programme and 143 biletaral contracts. UŁ  participates in the following programmes: Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus IP, TN Erasmus, Campus Europae, FSS, CEEPUS, Comenius, DAAD, Fulbright, Scholarship of the French Government, Socrates Minerva, Nesor Socrates, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Monet.

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