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The objective of Study PL Program is to inform the young English-speaking people about the opportunities to study in Poland.

Our ambition is to provide to the readers of this website the best information available about the higher education and scientific research in Poland.

In brief, we would like you to discover its richness: tradition, modernity, innovation, competence and experience.

Even if the virtual world is the privileged place of our action, you can also meet us in the "real" world as organizers of conferences, promotional and cultural events.

We are passionate about our country and Europe, passionate about the dialogue between cultures and different mentalities.

We invite you to interact with us, bring your testimonies and opinions.

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Why do not learn Polish?

Since the accession of Poland to the EU structures (2004) the interest in learning Polish as a foreign language is growing. More and more people want to study in Poland, work in international companies based in Poland, do business in this country or simply live in Poland. The Polish language has the status of official language in Poland, but it is spoken around the world because of the presence of Polish minorities. The number of Polish speakers is estimated at 56,000,000

The Polish education system is currently offering the following types of training of Polish as a Foreign Language (PFL) :

  • Academic studies for future teachers of PFL and specialists of Polish culture (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).
  • Full PFL training (from A1 to C1 level).
  • Language training under the Erasmus programme (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses: EILC) or under an other international academic exchange programme.
  • Intense training to improve the knowledge of the Polish language.
  • Summer trainings of Polish language.

Certificationof knowledge of the Polish language

First state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language took place in Poland and abroad in 2004. As a result, having passed such examinations, learners of Polish as a foreign language can obtain a certificate indicating the level of their proficiency in Polish. Since 2004, B1, B2 and C2 examinations have been organized at least 3 times a year (in spring, summer and autumn). The examinations are set by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language.

Examination requirement standards and rules of procedure are based on the latest recommendations of the Council of Europe aiming at the standardization of foreign language proficiency testing across Europe. In 2008, ALTE (Association for Language Testers in Europe) audited the state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language with the aim to confirm their consistency with the guidelines of the Council of Europe. The State Certification Commission is currently working on the introduction of examinations for the remaining proficiency levels (A1, A2 and C1).

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