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Medicine in Poland

Studying medicine in Poland is the opportunity of study in one of the best universities of medicine in the word. 6 year general medicine, 4 year graduate entry, 5 year dentistry and 5 year pharmacy, 3 year nursing, foundation course programs in English are among the most medical programs attracting students from all other the word. Students from USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Indian, China, etc., take up the challenge and enroll for medical and paramedical studies in Poland universities every year.

As evidence of word-classes medical Universities in Poland, Dr Maria Siemionow , who gained public notice in December 2008, when she led a team of six surgeons in a 22-hour surgery, performing the first face transplant in the United States on Connie Culp is polish. She graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences in 1974 receiving her MD. She furthered her education and in 1985 received her Ph.D. in microsurgery and then in 1992 habilitation in medical sciences. She has been awarded the title of professor by President Lech Kaczyński before migrating to USA.

Universities of Medicine in Poland are one of the best options for those students looking for medical study in English abroad. More than 11 Medical schools offer medical programs in English in Poland. Along With General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy integrate programs, Poland medical universities offer a 4 year graduate entry medical program in English, designed for those students with Bachelor degree (this program is very popular among USA, Canadian, UK and Scandinavian students).

Most universities of medicine organize also foundation year for father medical studies in English; and those interested in studying in Polish can follow one year polish language.English medical programs of medical universities in Poland remain in compliance with Polish and EU standards of teaching, the US Department of Education (Stafford Loan Program), and Medical Boards in USA. Graduates of English medical programs in Poland are eligible to apply for resi¬dency and postgraduate training programs at university teaching hospitals in various countries, including the USA , Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Israel, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Poland.

Medical courses in Poland in English: Foundation course: one year medical study preparatory course Undergraduate medical course: 6 year program, Graduate entry medical course: 4 year accelerated program, Dentistry program: 5,0 to 5,5 year MDS program, Pharmacy program: 5 year pharmacy program, Nursing course: 3 year B.Sc.

Nursing program, PhD course: 3 year medical PhD program, Medical Residency programs; Poland medical universitiesMedical Academy of Bialystok, 4 year and 6 year programs; Medical University in Bydgoszcz, Faculty II, 6 year program; Medical Academy of Gdansk, 6 year program; Medical University of Lodz, 4 year enty medicine program 6 year medicine program; 5 year dentistry program; 3 year Nursing program; 1 fondation year; 3 year PhD program, etc. Medical University of Lublin, 4 year and 6 year programs; Jagiellonian University Medical College, 4 year and 6 year programs; Pomeranian Academy of Medicine, 6 year program; Poznan School of Medicine, 4 year and 6 year programs; Medical University of Silesia, 4 year and 6 year programs; Medical University of Warsaw, 4 year and 6 year medical programs; 5 year dentistry, 5-year degree of Master of Pharmacy program; Wroclaw Medical University, 6 years of medicine and 5 year dentistry English programs;